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Cannabis plant with sunlight and bee hovering above leaf

All About
Honeys Cannabis


Our mission is to aid in the spectrum of the human experience through cannabis- Expanding the mind, Nourishing the soul.  We will provide cannabis consumers with high quality products, exceptional customer service and expert product knowledge.  We are committed to being one of the best dispensaries in New York State and maintaining a standard of excellence.

Our values are critical to our success.
They are the foundation of who we are, what we represent, and what sets us apart.
These values include:


We believe choice is a fundamental component to meeting customer needs.


We will use a person-centered approach to help customers select products that fit their desires.


We intend to be recognized not only for the character and integrity of our employees but also the space that we will operate within.


We treat one another, and all our stakeholders with dignity and respect.


Honesty, ethical behavior, and integrity are fundamental characteristics of our business conduct.


We will ensure our team has been well educated and trained on current and evolving trends to provide expert knowledge around product inventory.


We believe in the importance of community, respecting our neighbors and contributing as a socially conscious organization.

Our vision is to become the first-choice dispensary with customer loyalty as well as be respected within the community.

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